The Grid team

Number Column Formatting

AUTHOR: The Grid team

The number column on Grid now supports advanced formatting options such as user-defined decimal places, currency denotation, comma separation, and percentage symbol.

This feature can be accessed by clicking on the Advanced Options button on the number column create/edit form. The following options are available for users :

- Decimal Places: Users can now decide the number of decimal places to use for any decimal column, earlier the default value being 2.

- Comma Formatting: Numbers can now be separated with commas in either the international format (100,000,000) with a separator after every 3 digits or the indian format (10,00,00,000) ´╗┐with a separator ´╗┐after first 3 digits followed by one after every 2.

- Currency Denotation: For columns representing monetary value, users can now add the relevant currency symbols for enhanced interactivity. We have launched this feature with the following currencies : Dollar, Rupee, Euro, Pound, Ruble, Yuan.

- Percentage Symbol: A percentage symbol (%) can be now appended as a prefix to any number column value for representing to to denote ratios and fraction values.


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