The Grid team

Optimising Mobile Experience

AUTHOR: The Grid team

The mobile application has been upgraded with a number of optimizations for enhancing performance and user experience. We aim to continuously keep improving the app with user feedback and this release will provide a seamless experience to our mobile users.

- Zoom and Auto Focus : The in-app camera has a zoom option and uses auto-focus to click better images. You can zoom to 1.5x, 2x and 3x on the app.

- Pagination on App View : This update has improved the performance of data load on the app by 10 times. We have added a pagination mechanism on worksheet view with each page consisting of 10 rows of data view.

- Data Duplication Bugfix : A bug was reported which was letting users with weak internet connection to submit the same record multiple times. This was fixed reducing duplication.

- Location Accuracy Improvements : We have added a major upgrade to our location capture method, where we now adjust the accuracy based on the device hardware. It varies from VeryHigh to High to Medium based on the device support and internet availability.

- Link to Existing Dropdown : Another UX improvement made on the app is on the LTW column where dependent columns took some time to show options in the select dropdown. This has been handled in a much better way to improve the user experience.

- Retained Columns Lag : A lag in keyboard input was identified on forms with retained columns and has been removed.

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